Tatiana Carnevale

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The Trump Card adapted by the company from the monologue by Mike Daisey

Produced by District Theatre Collective, July 2017

This isn’t a story about a president. This is a story about celebrity, showmanship, mythology, power, fathers, mentors, board games, and theatre — told by five Canadians.

The Trump Card chronicles 45's story from his early days to today, highlighting the rise of a new American archetype. It is a sharp and frightening tale of the “short-fingered vulgarian” and the American dream.

Production photos by Kristen Einarson


Featuring: Elliot Lazar, Julie Lumsden, Connie Manfredi, Aaron Pridham, and Anjali Sandhu

Director: Tatiana Carnevale

Producer and Stage Manager: Ryan Segal