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Tigers Be Still by Kim Rosenstock

Produced by District Theatre Collective, December 2016

Canadian Premiere

"THIS IS A PLAY ABOUT HOW I STOPPED BEING A TOTAL DISASTER AND GOT MY LIFE ON TRACK AND DID NOT LET OVERWHELMING FEELINGS OF ANXIOUSNESS AND LONELINESS AND USELESSNESS JUST LIKE TOTALLY EAT MY BRAIN", declares Sherry Wickman, heroine for a new generation of underemployed college graduates. Things are looking up for Sherry - she's found her first job after months of misery spent mostly at home in her childhood bed. Still, a few challenges remain: her mother has locked herself upstairs, her sister is entrenched on the couch, her new boss won't leave his rifle at home, and a tiger has escaped from the local zoo. 

Production photos by Matt Duboff


Sherry: Connie Manfredi

Zack: Robert Piche

Joseph: Brent Buchanan

Grace: Laura Olafson


Director: Tatiana Carnevale

Stage Manager: Tori Popp

Projection Designer: Tyler Klein Longmire