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Shorts from the Short List

Produced by Sarasvati Productions as part of FemFest, September 2015

As fillers throughout the festival, audiences had a chance to hear excerpts from scripts from the FemFest shortlist, providing a great opportunity to be exposed to new work by women playwrights from across the country!

The readings featured were Identity Theft by Sara Arenson, Marrow by Veronique West, Bone Peddlers by Leslea Kroll, Goldiefish and the Swamp Queen by Lynne Martin, Mother Mine by Wren Brian, Scrambled Eggs by Barbara Weselak and Julie Kentner, and Dirty Old Woman by Loretta Seto. 

Production photos by Janet Shum


Featuring: Jacqueline Harding, Emily Jane King, Merri-Lou Patterson, Kevin Ramberran, and Haley Vincent

Director: Tatiana Carnevale

Stage Manager: Holly LaJambe