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About the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Haydn Seek by Jen Zoratti

""(WSO concerts) might not be accessible to [millenials] for a number of reasons, whether it’s the price point, or they feel like there are all these rules and etiquette they don’t get, or they feel like they don’t understand what they should listen for or wear," says Tatiana Carnevale… “With the Soundcheck program, we’re trying to remove those barriers and say, ‘If you come, you’ll probably like it. There’s something for everyone who likes music.””

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On The Trump Card

Anything can happen: 12 to watch for at the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe Fest by Joff Schmidt

"District Theatre Collective — a Winnipeg company with a great track record for tackling challenging shows with inventive style — adapts Mike Daisey's monologue about the American president with a superb local cast."

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On Tigers Be Still

What's Up: Tigers Be Still by Randall King

"The play Tigers Be Still... may do for under-employed 20-somethings what Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s The Audience does for former British prime ministers."

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On You Were There

Nothing to fear at CowardFest by Joff Schmidt

"3 other shows to watch for at CowardFest… A ‘contemporary re-imagining’ of a one-act Coward play featuring some talented young local performers, from a company with a strong track record at the Fringe Festival."

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On Godspell

Prokosh’s Picks: Free Press theatre reviewers top 10 by Kevin Prokosh

"Winnipeg Studio Theatre has staged fringe hits Altar Boyz and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and returns with a revival of this 1971 musical that suggests Jesus and his apostles are worth tweeting about."

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10 shows (and more) to watch for at the Winnipeg Fringe by Joff Schmidt

"And there are plenty of other festival favourites returning, like… Winnipeg Studio Theatre (Godspell)"

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Fringe plays produce intense friendships by Oliver Sachgau

""We came in a little tentative, not knowing each other, and by the end we were this community,” [Wes] Rambo says. That process helped them develop their characters, and explore how they all could relate to each other, [Emma] Stefanchuk says."

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For The Trump Card

The Trump Card by Joff Schmidt


"Tatiana Carnevale's production uses a clever meta-theatrical framing device..."

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The Trump Card by Pat St Germain


"This quintet should take the popular fringe vote, too."

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For Tigers Be Still

Misery loves comedy in comedic study of depression by Randall King

"Director Tatiana Carnevale duly keeps to a fine line, keeping things comic and snappily paced... while not losing sight of the devastation depression (and tigers) may wreak."

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For You Were There

CowardFest offers an intriguing adaptation and a flat Nude by Joff Schmidt

"There are many moments that work wonderfully in director Tatiana Carnevale’s production."

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Bittersweet comedy plays out in the key of Coward by Kevin Prokosh

"The many transitions between past and present are seamlessly achieved by director Carnavale [sic]."

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Ain’t it grand to be young and in hate? by Michelle Palansky

"The undeniable skill of director Carnevale is plainly evident."

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For Godspell

Godspell by Frank Martim

"I saw the movie, have the record, and have seen the play; but this talented group of performers has them all beat."

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Why Godspell is spellbinding by Jason Cheung

"The balanced approach by the director, Tatiana Carnevale, strikes a biblically blissful chord with the audience, in a creatively curated manner."

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Godspell by Joff Schmidt

"As they act - and sing - out a series of New Testament parables, a talented, young eight-person cast, backed by a live band, brings great energy to Tatiana Carnevale’s production. Schwartz’s tunes remain ear-pleasing and toe-tapping. And the musical’s message of love for our fellow humans remains relevant… A likeable Godspell."


Godspell by Alison Mayes

"This youthful production is well-sung [and] exuberant."

For [title of show] 

[title of show] by Randall King


"In the workshopping process, they get an assist from actress-buddies Susan (Felicia Perron) and Heidi (Tatiana Carnevale, also the musical’s director) who happily sign on to playing themselves… The cast and the oft-neglected piano accompanist… invest a whole lot of energy and skill in this production, and the 90 minutes fly gleefully by."

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[title of show] by Katie Nicholson


"[title of show] crackles with wit and sparkles with gay. 

Main ‘mos Jeff and Hunter dream of a Broadway show, but they’re just two nobodies in New York. Their first step is to submit a show to a summertime musical theatre festival. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, the boys take the audience on a bumpy but glittery ride from summer stock to the Great White Way. 

Admittedly, the first half of the show is a wee bit more fabulous than the last half, but it’s all so damn entertaining that it’s easy to forgive the loss of momentum. Both the dialogue and lyrics are mined with explosively arch zingers and obscure pop culture references. Dinah Manoff, anyone?

The cast is contagiously cute. Nelson Bettencourt’s Jeff is the heart of the show, Joshua Balzer is his slightly more ambitious foil, and the two spar like an uber fey Ernie and Bert. Tatiana Carnevale (Heidi) is a sweet deadringer for Amy Adams, while Felicia Perron’s boisterous Susan is the perfect fag hag. One of the production’s biggest laughs comes from the show’s musical director Paul De Gurse, the show’s resident Schroeder. (…)

[title of show] is a brilliant ‘musical about a musical’ that ribs itself like a nasty old queen. Don’t miss the show bitches."